Our approach goes beyond traditional thinking
communications do more?

MicroMass applies our expertise to create innovative custom solutions that maximize the impact and relevancy of clinical data — at any stage in a product’s development. We challenge traditional approaches to medical communications and leverage 50 years of validated behavioral science research to better understand the factors, such as beliefs and attitudes, that influence a person’s behavior.

Our Philosophy
We prepare products for success in the real world.
By combining our robust clinical and therapeutic expertise, we expand the reach of medical communications strategies. As experts in decoding the drivers of human health behavior, we go beyond clinical data and product characteristics.
MicroMass integrates 3 key factors to unlock the formula for success.

Talk about what's really important to physicians - and patients.
We start with a fundamental understanding of the behavioral drivers that influence prescribing behavior and patient receptivity to treatment. By taking into account what patients care about and how physicians choose which products to prescribe, we develop strategies to increase a product’s relevance.
Stand out above the crowd.
We explore what the marketplace looks like. Our approach incorporates what payers are looking for, how physicians see the competitors, and the external factors (eg, treatment guidelines, formularies) that influence a decision.

What will help decision makers choose this product? Our insights inform novel strategies to ensure that a product’s uniqueness drives decision makers to influence a product’s success.
Make a lasting impression.
We interpret clinical data through a different lens — one informed by our expertise in human health behavior. With an intimate understanding of healthcare professional and patient beliefs and attitudes, we can push clinical results further to enhance a product’s impact.
Extend your reach.
By combining our clinical expertise with health behavior insights, we can make your medical communications approaches even more relevant — and more effective.
Our team
Seasoned PhD-level writers and directors

Health behavior experts with clinical experience and advanced degrees in public health

Planning and product management experience

20+years applying behavioral solutions to pharmaceutical-related challenges
Our expertise Our expertise
Advisory board strategy and execution
Integrated educational and training programs
Clinical trial design consultation
Effectiveness Potential Analysis™
Influencer identification strategy and execution
Jude Kelly
{ Director of Business Development }